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If you are looking to increase crop yield and improved quality, Diamond K can provide you with the right products to succeed!

Fertigation is the timely application of small amounts of fertilizer through irrigation water directly to the root zone. In fact, fertigation is one of the primary reasons that many growers install irrigation systems. And, with water shortage a major concern in many parts of the country, the application of fertilizer via drip irrigation is the sound environmental approach.

BENEFITS of proper fertigation include:
Uniform Application - Fertigation facilitates the uniform distribution and precision placement of fertilzer and other amendments.
Timely Application - In most cases, materials can be applied regardless of weather or field conditions.
Reduced Application Costs - Generally about one third the cost of conventional application methods.
Improved Management
Reduced Soil Compaction - Less tractor and equipment traffic in fields reduces compaction.
Reduced Exposure to Chemicals
Reduced Environmental Contamination

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Gypsum - Calcium Sulfate
If your plants are suffering from heavy, waterlogged and sodic soils, consider incorporating Diamond K Gypsum into your soil fertility management program. A form of calcium sulfate, gypsum can improve the structure of clay-bound soils and encourage overall sustainability of irrigated fields.

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Potassium Magnesium Sulfate
With fertilizer responsible for at least one third of a crop's yield, it's no wonder balanced soil fertility is such a top priority in high-yield agriculture. The “Law of the Minimum” states that yield is limited by the nutrient in shortest supply — so ensuring all nutrients, not just one or two, is critical to profitability — KMS delivers those needed nutrients!

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Ultra Fines
Sulfate of Potash
Its primary elements are 52% potash (K2O) and 18% sulfate (SO4). The superior fine grand, minus 200 mesh, and organically certified, SOP is designed to be uniformly metered, dissolved and injected directly into a grower's irrigation system.

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