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AQUA-DRIVE — The #1 Soil Wetting Agent on the Market!

If you are experiencing slow infiltration and penetration, run-off and erosion problems, or standing water, Aqua-Drive can help solve these problems.

No matter the delivery system you are using, its efficiency depends upon the reaction when water makes contact with the soil. Many soils are water repellent to some degree. Since water follows the course of least resistance, your irrigation water, along with the soil amendments, fertilizers or herbicides you may have added to it, will not be uniformly distributed.

Aqua-Drive is a non-ionic surfactant additive designed to improve soil wetting and penetration of treated irrigation water. It reduces the surface tension of water to as much as 60%, allowing water to flow in a more effective pattern through the soil profile, preventing deep movement of herbicides.

Independent tests show that water treated with Aqua-Drive infiltrates soil nearly twice as fast as untreated water, allowing less time for run-off and evaporation.

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Aqua-Drive's unique chemistry is a compound molecular structure that includes both water-grabbing and water-repelling properties. The water-repelling element seeks and attaches to hydrophobic soil colloids, while the water-grabbing characteristic "drives" moisture into and through the hard-to-wet soil profile.

With Aqua-Drive you will experience less waste of water because it delivers water to the root zone only. Leaching will be less of a problem. Ultimately, the use of Aqua-Drive gets the water where you need it and the result is greater production.

With a use rate of 1.5 to 3 pints per acre, treatment is economical and easy.

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