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Diamond K's plastic-chemical grade calcium sulfate dihydrate is a high purity product manufactured specifically for the chemical and plastics industries. The product quality, sizing, and formulation are specifically tailored to your needs and specifications.

Calcium sulfate fillers can offer the following advantages:

Less wear and abrasion of equipment because of their relative softness (2.0 to 2.5 on MOHS scale.)
Non-toxic CaSO4 is used in food and pharmaceutical formulations.
Improved fire retardancy has been noted when CaSO4. 2H20 was used.
Less shrinkage occurs, especially in polyesters and epoxies, when compared with unfilled resin systems.
Equal tensile strength for equal filler loading.
Lowers formulation costs while maintaining physical properties.

A comparison of CaSO4 with CaCO3 fillers shows important advantages for CaSO4

Improved impact strengths were obtained in thermoset resins.
In cellular vinyl and rigid vinyl extrusions, CaSO4 has the advantage of higher filler loading while maintaining lower compound cost and smoother extrudate.
CaSO4 also gives more uniform cell structure in cellular vinyl extrusions.
Greater translucency was observed in epoxy resins.

Calcium sulfate fillers offer four advantages to the compounder and purchasing agent

Quality and performance, second to none.
Quality assurance control guaranteed.
Particle sizing to meet your specific needs.

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