Our Values

Diamond K is the leader in the solution grade gypsum industry in the United States, with an annual capacity of 250,000 tons. Diamond K’s ongoing expansions and mine upgrades are expected to continually provide the highest quality gypsum available.

Unmatched Quality

Diamond K is the leader in the solution grade gypsum and minerals in the United States. We only use stainless steel milling and packaging equipment. This makes Diamond K the only provider of all organic, food-grade gypsum in the western United States.

Unparalleled Customer Service

The ultimate goal of Diamond K is to provide the highest quality specialty products, unparalleled customer service, and on-time product delivery. To ensure we meet this need we continue to invest in production upgrades, staff training, and we have strategically placed warehouses in the US, as well as international markets.

How To Buy

Diamond K markets its products using a vast distribution network throughout the US and international markets. Our ongoing expansions and mine upgrades continue to provide additional supply to meet the needs of our clients to matter the volume. Contact us for more information or speak with one of our sales specialists about your specific needs.

Vision & Values

Our vision is to provide products of excellence in all markets and to provide products that make food that feeds the world better. We understand and feel the importance of profitability and the implications of profit. Our values of integrity and excellence define how we conduct our business, how we interact with each other, and how we treat our communities.

History & Timeline

From its simple beginnings as a trucking company, moving commodities for the dairy and livestock industry, Diamond K owes much of its innovation and strength to its founding owners, Phillip and Karen Palmer. The Palmers learned from their experiences in owning a trucking company, the importance of great customer service and on-time delivery.

Diamond K was started in 1991 when Phillip Palmer was exploring his mine in the eastern desert of Utah. He discovered a unique-looking deposit and took a sample to California to be analyzed. He learned it was an unheard-of 97%, pure calcium sulfate dihydrate gypsum. There he also learned about the new process of solution grade gypsum for agricultural applications.

Phillip returned to Utah and wrote the Diamond K Gypsum Mission Statement and started mining, processing, and selling solution grade gypsum. Limitations in the mining and processing technology at the time resulted in this first product only having a guaranteed analysis of 95%. Phillip knew he had to find a way to increase the purity of the gypsum.

In 1996, Diamond K completed an all-new, all stainless steel production facility. This processing plant gave Diamond K the advantage to sell to the food grade markets. Phillip also patented his revolutionary designs on the Diamond K Applicator. With only one moving part and the ability to be integrated into any type of irrigation system, the Diamond K Applicator dramatically reduced the costs and maintenance traditionally associated with gypsum injection systems.

In 1999 “Premium 97” gypsum was introduced. The Diamond K team developed improvements in mining and processing, which allowed Diamond K to finally guarantee an unheard of 97%, pure solution grade gypsum.

With their advanced processing capabilities, Diamond K introduced two new products. “Ultra Fines” Sulfate of Potash highly soluble potassium for use on chloride sensitive crops and “KMS”, an ultra-fine soluble Langbeinite which is completely unique to Diamond K.

With a growing reputation around the world for ultra-pure, ultra soluble solution grade products, in 2006, Diamond K tripled its production and storage capacity. This extensive expansion also included a state of the art drying system and an expansion of the dry material and raw warehouse. This ensures Diamond K meets its promises to its customers for the highest quality products, unparalleled customer service, and timely delivery, throughout the US and internationally.