Field Marking

Baseball is our Nation’s pass time. Diamond Line gives your baseball field crisp bright white lines with less blowing and no white-out.

Ultra Pure White Color

The ultra pure white color is a result of grinding the highest purity calcium sulfate dyhidrate available. Diamond Line is mined and processed using state-of-the-art processing equipment. The 100% natural calcium sulfate is mined from the high elevations of Utah at one of the purest sources in the world. Diamond Line is using a one-of-a-kind selective rotomilling technique to insure only the purest material.

Non Toxic & Safe

Diamond Line is produced at Diamond K’s all stainless steel food grade facility. The stringent quality material reaches the Diamond Line bag. This also guarantees the safest product available and is safe for all surfaces, clothes, and players.

Easy, Dust-Free Application

Diamond Line is produced using only the purest calcium sulfate dihydrate. The chemical make-up contains two molecules of water. This means less dust and better adherence to the ground for a crisper, tight, non-blowing line.

No White Out

Diamond Line is completely water soluble. This means no white out of the base path or discolor of the infield mix after continual use. Most dry markers won’t dissolve and adversely effect the color of base paths and hurts a field’s overall appearance.

Cost Effective

Diamond Line is among Diamond K’s group of great products. Our distributor network ensures the best prices available.