Tony Carlile

Tony Carlile, Agronomist, 
IFA, Cedar City, UT

Diamond K has consistent, quality products and you'll never find better support, they'll make you look like a better agronomist.
“We first learned about Diamond K from Phillip Palmer who started the company in 1991. We’ve enjoyed our relationship with him ever since. In these soils, we have a huge need for gypsum. We have the need for their most recent additions in our branch of Humik WSP and UltraFines sulfate potash.”
“We think quite a lot about salty soils and how to mitigate that. We live in a world where we live in a pH range of like 7.8 to 9.1 So we’re trying to grow things maybe a place that they shouldn’t be. You have got to find a way to do that economically and Diamond K products have done that. “