Save water and protect
your lawn and garden
during hot summer weather
Unique formulation makes soil absorb more
water and maintain water reserves longer
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The Nation’s Leading
Soil Wetting Agent
Now Available for Homeowners
and Home Gardeners
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Aqua-Drive is the nation’s leading soil wetting agent used on golf courses, sports turf and in agriculture since 19XX. Aqua-Drive’s unique formulation enables homeowners save water, cut their water bills and protect their lawns and gardens from hot summer weather by making the soil able to absorb more water and maintain water reserves longer. For the first time, it’s now available for homeowners and home gardeners at independent garden centers, hardware stores and at Amazon.

Protect Your Lawn and Garden

  • Protect against drought and high temperatures
  • Get rid of dry spots
  • Keep your plants and lawn alive during hot summers

Save Water, Cut your Water Costs

  • Cut lawn and garden watering costs
  • Eliminate water running down the storm sewer
  • Save precious resources

Proven Performance and Science

  • Formulated and manufactured by #1 provider of soil wetting agents
  • Preferred by golf course superintendents and for agriculture
  • Proven performance for 30 years

Family, and Environment Friendly

  • Safe for children
  • Safe for pets
  • Safe for the environment