“I have been using Aqua-Drive on and off since 2015. It has been very helpful with water penetration issues we have in a few blocks with really heavy soils. Aqua-Drive is also very beneficial to use on the first irrigation of the year, it helps unlock nutrients that are trapped in your soil and allows the trees to get a better start early in the growing season.”
“During the 2021 growing season, our water allocation was cut to 0%. With the help of Neil Gilton, we put a plan together using Aqua-Drive to make what little water we had last longer and go farther. With applications once a month from May to August we managed to farm our almond orchards on 1/3 less water than we normally use. The trees looked good and we had a quality crop to harvest.”
“When 2022 rolled around we once again received a 0% water allocation, we implemented the same plan with very satisfying results.”

Brett Sankey
Almond Grower