How to lower soil pH?

Optimal soil pH is 6.2-7.2. Ammonium containing fertilizers (ammonium sulfate, urea, and ammonium nitrate) create an acid reaction in the soil. With prolonged use, over time, they can aid in lowering soil pH. For more rapid results, sulfur can be used. The addition of acid (sulfuric acid, N-phuric or phosphoric acid) to a high pH water can help reduce the long-term effects of poor water quality and help reduce the pH of your soil. Contact one of our agronomic experts for soil pH lowering strategies for your farm.

What is gypsum?

Gypsum is the common name for calcium sulfate. There are two forms of natural gypsum, calcium sulfate anhydrite and calcium sulfate dihydrate. Anhydrite is insoluble and takes many years to breakdown in the soil. Dihydrate is soluble and readily breaks down in the soil.

How is solution grade different from agricultural gypsum?

Solution grade gypsum is high-purity, finely ground calcium sulfate dihydrate that will easily solubilize in water. Agricultural gypsum can vary in chemical formulation. It may be anhydrite gypsum which is very low in solubility. It may also have impurities and low analysis.

How is Diamond K solution grade products different from others on the market?

Diamond K utilizes patented advanced processing capabilities to manufacture solution grade products that are purer and more finely ground than other products on the market. This means that you can use less product per acre and still achieve top quality and high yields.

What irrigation solutions does Diamond K have?

Diamond K’s solution grade applicator is a low-maintenance, low-cost solution grade product applicator that can be easily added to any irrigation system to apply our highly soluble products. Aqua-Drive is a soil wetting agent that will improve water infiltration and penetration. We also routinely recommend products and solutions from other companies depending on what your soil and water test show.

How does Diamond K products improve water infiltration?

Aqua-Drive’s unique chemistry is a compound molecular structure that includes both water-grabbing and water-repelling properties. The water-repelling element seeks and attaches to hydrophobic soil colloids, while the water-grabbing characteristic “drives” moisture into and through the hard-to-wet soil profile. Our solution grade minerals can also improve water infiltration depending on what is found on your soil and water tests. Contact one of our agronomic experts to learn more.

How do I know what products to use?

Soil and water analysis are the best guide to determine which products to use. These reports help us diagnose soil and water problems. The soil report will indicate the amount of nutrients in the soil, the salinity, acidity, and alkalinity of the soil. This information when combined with water analysis will help us make the correct recommendations for your farm.

How do I know how much product I need?

The CEC of your soil determines the ability to hold, adsorb, and exchange cation nutrients. It is the “Soil’s Gas Tank”. It is the main determinate of how much product you need to apply. Each farm may have a different per acre recommendation depending on the CEC and other nutrients present, or not present in your soil and water.

Where can I buy Diamond K products?

Diamond K products are available from your local ag retailer or ag product distributor. Ask for Diamond K!

How can I become a Diamond K distributor?

Contact one of our sales and agronomy specialists to learn more.