Hear what our customers say about working with Diamond K Gypsum and the success they’re seeing with our products.

“Diamond K’s team has continued to focus on innovation, grower education, quality materials and super-consistent support.”

Mark Pierce, President
North Valley Ag Services, Chico, CA

“Diamond K has consistent, quality products and you’ll never find better support, they’ll make you look like a better agronomist.”

Tony Carlile, Agronomist, 
IFA, Cedar City, UT

“The Diamond K team is fantastic. I value their commitment to growers and extensive knowledge. Their service is second to none.”

Nick Giannecchini, PCA/CCA
Wilbur Ellis, Dixon, CA

“Together with Premium 97 and Ultra Fines applications, we have greatly improved the almond orchard’s longevity and yields.”

Mike Pettigrew
Wilbur Ellis, Colusa, CA

“If it’s not in solution, it’s not available to the plant. And Diamond K has provided soluble calcium.”

Peter Sacket, Agronomist
GS Long, Yakima, WA

“By using products like Aqua Drive and Premium 97 gypsum we’re able to stretch that water a little bit further. So that’s a huge, huge selling point.”

Whitt Sorensen, Agronomist
IFA, Delta, UT

“We’ll run Aqua Drive on fields that have hillsides. When we start to notice a little bit of runoff, run some Aqua Drive and infiltration occurs.”

Brock Leonard, PCA/CCA
Vegetable Farm Co-op, Patterson, WA

“If you look at the unit cost for calcium and sulfur, with Premium 97, you’re getting the most bang for your buck.”

Doug Mills, Agronomist
IFA, Garland, UT

“Aqua Drive is a product we plan to use more of in the future for orchards with water penetrating issues.”

Moise Aguilar, Orchard Manager
Durham Orchard, Chico, CA

Almonds“With Aqua Drive we managed our almond orchards on 1/3 less water. The trees looked good and we had a quality crop to harvest.”

Brett Sankey
Almond Grower, Arbuckle CA