Food & Pharmaceutical

Terra Alba — 98%+ Pure Grade Gypsum

98% pure Terra Alba complies with US requirements and regulations for human consumption. Ultra-pure, ultra-white, Terra Alba gypsum is the only food grade binder in the western United States.

Diamond K Terra Alba is extracted from our own controlled mine and utilizes our proprietary quarrying and processing techniques to produce food and pharmaceutical-grade gypsum that exceeds 98 percent purity. Our selective mining and quality control procedures during processing assure product compliance with United States food and pharmaceutical requirements and regulations.

Terra Alba is used in food, beverage, and pharmaceuticals as an economical source of supplemental calcium. It enriches flour and bread, cereal, baking powder, yeast foods, bread conditioners, canned vegetables, and artificially sweetened jellies and preserves.

In beer manufacturing, Terra Alba ads needed buffering action for proper water correction and promote proper gelatinization of the starch in the cooker mash, as well as protein degradation and starch conversion. This increases the yield of the main mash. Additionally, the color of the wort is lower, and better precipitation and flocculation of undesirable protein complexes are achieved. The result is a paler, smoother-tasting beer with improved stability and shelf life. For pharmaceutical applications, calcium sulfate is extensively used as a diluent and as an excellent inert extender, as well as, supplying dietary calcium.