potato harvest

How to Reduce Tare Weight Dirt at Harvest

You may know that gypsum can help keep clay particles from adhering to roots, bulbs, and tubers of crops like potatoes, carrots, garlic, and beets. Did you know that in combination with water-soluble polymers, it is even more beneficial?

Water soluble polymers combined with gypsum have the ability to dramatically improve the physical properties of soil dramatically. Products like Aqua Drive add stability to the soil and keep particles from breaking down when it rains, prevent crusting and soil erosion and reduce compaction.

Will your soil respond to a combination of Premium 97 Gypsum and Aqua Drive? It will if:

  1. The exchangeable sodium percentage (ESP) is over 3
  2. If water puddles on it
  3. Soil particles disperse when water is added
  4. If soil crusts after rain or irrigation
  5. Soils have excessive cracking when dry
  6. If soils contain clays that swell when wet
  7. Subsoil pH is lower than 5
  8. Irrigation water contains substantial amounts of bicarbonate
  9. No-till is used
potato harvest
Using Premium 97 and Aqua Drive will reduce tare dirt at harvest and make digging root crops easier!

Many of these issues can be solved with as little as 100 pounds per acre of Premium 97 and a few pints of Aqua Drive through your irrigation system. In one trial, potato yield was increased by 25%.  Additionally, water use efficiency was increased during the growing season, reducing pumping costs.

So how do Aqua Drive and Premium 97 reduce tare soil at harvest? This potent 1-2 combo causes soil to flocculate (aggregate into small lumps and stick together) to more strongly than gypsum alone.

This leads to:

  1. Increased pore space
  2. Increased water infiltration and draining
  3. Reduced soil crusting and runoff
  4. Soils are easier to cultivate
  5. Soils dry out more quickly

The combination means that at harvest soils are drier and less sticky meaning more of your precious soil remains in the field instead of stuck to your crop!

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Aqua Drive sell sheet Aqua-Drive is a non-ionic surfactant designed to improve soil wetting and penetration of treated irrigation water. It reduces the surface tension of water to as much as 60%, allowing water to flow into the soil profile.

Download the Aqua Drive information sheet or to learn more about using Aqua Drive in your irrigation program, contact your Diamond K Rep today.