Aqua Drive sell sheet

Reduce Irrigation Costs, Get More Water Into the Soil

Do your soils exhibit slow infiltration and run-off?

In western soils, water inflation problems could be from hydrophobic soil conditions. Meaning soil particles literally repel water.

Aqua-Drive literally helps “drive” irrigation water into hard-to-wet and hydrophobic soils. It is designed to improve soil wetting and penetration of irrigation water, making water wetter.

It should be your go-to water management aid for intensely irrigated agricultural production systems because of its residual control with long-lasting rewetting effects. Aqua-Drive has good compatibility with other products and superior plant safety.

Lastly, one of the biggest challenges each year is the application of pre-emergent herbicides to orchards and vineyards.  When water doesn’t uniformly and effectively incorporate the herbicide, weeds can emerge and the herbicide won’t last as long as it should.

Adding Aqua-Drive to the tank mixes in-ground spray applications will improve the uniformity and distribution of the herbicide in the soil profile.

Aqua-Drive will ensure better weed control and more efficient use of water, reducing your production costs.

Aqua-Drive is designed to improve soil wetting and penetration of treated irrigation water. It reduces the surface tension of water to as much as 60%, allowing water to flow into the soil profile.

Download the Aqua-Drive Information sheet or to learn more about using Aqua-Drive in your irrigation program, contact your Diamond K Rep today.