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Agricultural Fertigation
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Give your turf or ornamental plants the
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Turf and Ornamental
Solutions for Soil &
Water Management
If you are experiencing slow infiltration and
penetration, run-off and erosion problems,
or standing water, we have the solution
Soil & Water Management

Product Solutions for Superior Performance in a Variety of Applications

Agricultural Fertigation

Patent processed high-solubility, solution grade gypsum, sulfate of potash, and magnesium sulfate for improved soil and crop performance.

Soil & Water Management

Drive more moisture into your soil profile.

Diamond K Applicators

Patented, virtually maintenance-free applicator to make crop safe, solution grade nutrients with any irrigation system.

Turf & Ornamental

Give your turf or ornamental plants the nutrients they need for strength and beauty with our turf & ornamental products!

Field Marking

Diamond Line gives your baseball field crisp bright white lines with less blowing and no white-out.

Food & Pharmaceutical

98% pure Terra Alba complies with US requirements and regulations for human consumption.

Highest Quality. Period.

We mine 98% pure calcium sulfate dihydrate gypsum from our own natural deposit. We use precision rototilling instead of quarry blasting to ensure it’s virtually free of contamination.
Our patented processing plant produces more soluble minerals for improved performance. And we support you with unparalleled customer service.